New workshops at water treatment stations

Demanganation at the Western Filtration Station

In 2021, a new Demanganation Workshop was built at the Western Filtration Station. The new system removes excess manganese from the water, which is periodically found in water sources. Start-up and adjustment works are currently underway.

Aeration and Flotation at the Golovnye Water Supply Facilities

Yekaterinburg Vodokanal is building several new workshops at the Golovnye Water Supply Facilities to increase the reliability of the station, improve the quality of drinking water supplied to Yekaterinburg; as well as increase the capacity of the water supply system in order to ensure the technical possibility of connecting capital construction facilities in a dynamically developing city and increase the investment attractiveness of Yekaterinburg .

The Sand Filter Workshop has been operating since the 1960s. Here, water, after settling, seeps through quartz sand and is cleaned of clay inclusions, organic particles and insoluble suspensions. In the coming years, the Sand Filter Workshop will be moved to a new state-of-the-art facility.

The Aeration and Flotation Workshops will be located next to it. These are new water filtration technologies for Yekaterinburg, when the sediment is lifted up with the help of air and collected from the surface with special scrapers.

One more stage will be added to the technological chain of the station — microfiltration. It will be the very first stage for cleaning up large contaminants and phytoplankton. The Microfiltration Workshop has already been built.