Cleaning up Lake Zdohnia

The sludge collector of the Western Filtration Station is located near Lake Zdochnia. It is a technological facility for cleaning filters and pumping equipment at the Western Filtration Station. When the sludge collector overflowed, part of the bottom sediments from the sludge collector had felt into Lake Zdohnia.

Yekaterinburg Vodokanal plans to install 2 modular centrifuges on the bank of the sludge collector. The main task of the modular installation is dehydration and a clot of sediment (sludge) after the water treatment process. This equipment will allow cleaning the sludge collector near the Western Filtration Station from sediments and reduce the environmental load on Lake Zdohnia.

We remind you that the Western Filtration Station clean water from mechanical and organic impurities for the needs of 85% of the Yekaterinburg inhabitants. With the commissioning of the new Ultrafiltration Workshop, the quality of wash water purification for washing filters of the station has increased by 70%.