Vodokanal of Yekaterinburg completed a set of works on supplying water to the network of the Water Sports Palace, which is being built in new Novokoltsovskiy district. All the necessary equipment for the Palace’s water supply has already been installed by the contractor.

The construction of Vodokanal networks for the facilities of Novokoltsovskiy district is proceeding according to the schedule. The total length of the pipelines will be 14 kilometers: 8 km — water supply networks, 6 km — sewerage networks. A 500 mm cold water main network runs along the central streets of the Village, and water distribution networks run along the adjacent streets. In addition, a 500 mm diameter main sewerage network has been laid across the territory of the Village. The drainage system is a complex of pressure and gravity pipelines and 3 sewage pumping stations.

The water supply capacity is set at 4.5 thousand cubic meters per day, and the water disposal capacity is 3.7 thousand cubic meters per day. Due to this, the average daily volume of consumption in Yekaterinburg will increase by 1%.