The company has completed more than 100 organizational and engineering measures to prepare hydraulic structures for the trouble-free passage of the spring flood of 2022. A scheduled inspection by a special flood control commission showed that all hydraulic structures, including those at the Volchikhinsky and Verkhne-Makarovsky reservoirs, are fully operational.

The flood control commission of Vodokanal, headed by technical director Kirill Shutov, checked the readiness of hydraulic structures for the trouble-free passage of spring floods. The subject of the audit was the fulfillment of all points of the plan for preparing for the passage of the flood, which includes more than 100 engineering and technical measures. The specialists assessed the performance of all electrical, pumping, mechanical and instrumentation equipment, lifting mechanisms and generators. In order to promptly respond to possible difficult situations, uninterrupted communication with employees of the administrations of Polevskoy, Degtyarsk, Revda and Pervouralsk was confirmed, and the personnel of hydraulic structures were instructed.